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How to read your revenue statement.  This interactive guide will help you to understand the components of your revenue statement.  Follow through by clicking the numbers for a description of each part of the royalty statement.

Primer for understanding ownership in oil and gas wells.

Know how to interpret and apply 26 CFR § 1.611-2  - Rules applicable to mines, oil and gas wells, and other natural deposits.

Are you being paid correctly?  How would you know?  Learn how to calculate your decimal interest.  Check your Division Order before you sign it.  Check your revenue statements to see if you are receiving the revenue that is yours.

You sold your mineral rights.  Do you know your basis?  You will need to know this to calculate your gain on the minerals for IRS purposes.  Often people receive mineral rights as an inheritance and the basis was never set.  We can help you look back and calculate the basis for your IRS reporting needs.

Should you sell your mineral rights?  This article provides some things to think about when considering selling your minerals.  You will also learn why you likely want to keep your minerals if you can.  Selling now for a lump-sum payment may cause you to miss out on substantial future royalties.

Minerals can be leased and producing, leased and not producing, and unleased.  This article discusses how to handle each status of minerals for mineral appraisal.

Division Orders are what operating companies use to determine your appropriate share of the revenue from leases and the wells on the leases.

Types of Oil and Gas Accumulations discusses the difference between Conventional and Unconventional oil and gas accumulations and the terminology that accompanies the types.

A primer for mineral appraisals.  Start here to learn what you need to know as a mineral owner seeking an appraisal of oil and gas assets.  This article will take you through the basics of purposes for appraisals, methods, and how to seek out qualified appraisers.

How to calculate your decimal interest for your royalty.

How do you value undeveloped mineral rights?  If you are receiving offers to buy your mineral rights, this article will be helpful for you.

Summary of natural gas units used in the petroleum industry.  How big is big when it comes to gas fields? How much gas do we need to run Colorado residences?  Which states have the most gas wells?

Map and information about the house explosion in Firestone, Colorado.  Click the link to proceed to the page.

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